Hello everyone! Today I’m here to advise you on where to eat in Nantes. In Nantes there are several restaurants of every type, and here you’ll be able to find the perfect restaurant for your taste. These are several local restaurants, but many others are foreign. But the question is: where to eat in Nantes? 

We can divide the recommended restaurants by the area in which they are located: Centre Ville, Autour du Centre, Nantes Métropole and le Vignoble. 


  • Brasserie Félix: Located on the banks of the Canal Saint-Félix. The menu features well-classified products (seafood, tartare…) and is also a good reference for French vineyards. To find out more, visit the restaurant’s website: www.brasseriefel
  • Café Bécot: In this cozy coffee-shop you’ll find simple, seasonal cuisine, where you can find many different dishes, with vegan options too. Are you curious? www.cafebecot.fr 
  • Café de l’Orangerie: This café-resto is perfect for everyone, including children, thanks to its terrace facing the children’s playground. Here you can find local, seasonal produce that will create simple dishes.    
  • Izakaya Joyi: If you’re looking for a change and want to prove something different, you can try this restaurant; here the chef offers sushi dishes, but also Japanese dishes (tempura…). You can find more information here: www.izakayajoyi.fr
  • La Cachette: Here everything is fresh and homemade, and the menu offers plenty of sweet, plant-based options. Eat like a local! 
  • Chacha: In this restaurant you’ll find just the right thing for you! There’s something for everyone: vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free and gluten-free. Are you ready to find your dish? www.chacharestaurant.fr 
  • Graziella: This may be the perfect restaurant for you if you want to try Italian cuisine. There are many specialties, such as pizza. All products are well sourced. 
  • ICI Restaurant: This is one of our most popular restaurants. Here the chef presents a unique menu with perfect, regularly-changing condiments. Here’s the site to find out more: www.restaurant-ici.fr
  • Crêperie Heb Ken: Would you like to prove a good crepe made with local products? This could be the perfect restaurant for you to eat at in Nantes! If you want more info you can look here: www.creperie-hebken.fr    https://unsplash.com/fr/photos/jsgJtBOR6jY 
  • Tapas & Vinos Restaurant: Are you ready to prove Iberian products in a Barcelona-style atmosphere? In this restaurant you can prove the magnificent tapas in the evening and Iberian dishes with local products! Find out more here: www.tapasetvinos.fr   


  • Le 1: A little outside the center you can enter this restaurant with a magnificent view of the Loire. In the menu, you’ll find not only the classics of the genre, but also some of the most popular ones. The kitchen is open and you can admire the brigade at work. For more information: www.leun.fr
  • À Boire et à Manger: This is a small neighborhood restaurant where everyone is welcome. The atmosphere is friendly and the cuisine is based on fresh produce.
  • L’Atlantide 1874 – Maison Guého: This restaurant offers a fine-dining menu that’s sure to please everyone! The service here is impeccable. If you’re interested: www.atlantide1874.fr
  • Boncoeur: If you love Neapolitan cuisine, you can’t miss this restaurant! Pizzaiolo Giovanni takes you to Naples with his freshly made pizza. And if you like Italian desserts too, this place is perfect for you… to find out more: www.boncoeurpizza.fr
  • La Civelle: Here you can find large rooms with a really varied menu with lots of land and sea dishes. For warmer days, there’s a terrace on the water too. What are you waiting for? www.lacivelle.com
  • Le Coraly: Damien Garcia and Laure-Anne and their restaurant offer semi-gastronomic cuisine, where everything is lovingly homemade! The tastes of their products leave no one indifferent. For more information: www.restaurant-le-coraly.fr
  • La Grand Barge: Do you like vegetables, vegetarian or veggie cooking? In this colorful restaurant you can find all the dishes you need for a sustainable diet, with products from organic farmers. The terrace is the perfect place to sample these magnificent dishes! Are you ready? www.ledebutdesharicots.fr
  • Paws: If you want to prove something different you have to come here. The star here is the hot dog, but revisited  ( sauces too). It’s all  homemade! You have to try it! www.paws-nantes.fr       https://unsplash.com/fr/photos/FjXCbRMMSSc 
  • Restaurant Vatel: This restaurant may look like any other, but the waiters in the dining room are students still in training at the “Vatel” school. You can enjoy refined, classic dishes. Don’t wait yet! www.restaurantvatel.fr 


-L’Amour des Mets: This is an elegant bistro where you can find colorful dishes made with local, seasonal produce. Aren’t you curious to try it out?

-L’Archipel: The chef here, Fabrice Bernard, has chosen to put his experience, and more specifically his adventure in Asia, into his cooking. In dishes you can find, for example, curry and wasabi.   https://unsplash.com/fr/photos/9bdt03k4ujw 

-Auberge du Vieux Gachet: If you’re looking for a good meal with a magnificent view, this is the restaurant for you. You’ll be able to taste classic dishes and admire the Erdre river and the Château de la Gascherie. www.aubergeduvieuxgachet.com

-Les Caudalies: If you read the menu you can find many different choices, simple and more sophisticated too, for all tastes! There’s a great selection of wine too, over 300 of them! Are you convinced? www.restaurant-lescaudalies.com   https://unsplash.com/fr/photos/IywM7AQTZcM 

-Du Coq à l’Âne: Do you want to spend time in a relaxing place with an educational farm, an organic producer’s store and a restaurant with well-executed cuisine? You’re in the perfect place to experience all these things!  

-Le Laurier Fleuri: Here you should be prepared to find sublime, professional cuisine using fresh, local produce. What are you waiting for? www.laurierfleuri.fr 

-L’Orée du Bois: Being here is like being in Japan, thanks to the ponds. In this restaurant, you can enjoy classic cuisine with a twist. If you’re curious: www.restaurant-loreedubois.fr

-Le Pavillon: In this wonderful place, the owners and chef Romain Olart offer creative bistronomic cuisine. A perfect opportunity to eat well in a beautiful location! www.restaurant-lepavillon.fr

-Les Terrasses de l’Erdre: A restaurant with a panoramic view and a terrace overlooking the Erdre; the restaurant offers a menu with lots of options for all tastes and there’s a great wine library too! www.leterrassesdelerdre.fr

-Le Jardin: This restaurant has recently been refurbished, and the new chef offers creative, balanced cuisine that’s simply delicious. Is it the perfect place to eat in Nantes for you? www.quintessia.fr


-L’Atelier de Laurence: Would you like some crêpes? You’re in the perfect place. Here you can taste dishes made with ORGANIC products and you can also find homemade ice creams too!     https://unsplash.com/fr/photos/Wpg3Qm0zaGk 

-Auberge de la Madeleine: Here we are in the heart of the vineyards, where you can enjoy semi-gastronomic cuisine made with local produce. You have to prove it! www.aubergedelamadeleine.fr 

-Auberge la Gaillotière: With its rustic decor, this restaurant is perfect for you if you want to dine on local dishes with a magnificent wine list. See more here: www.auberge-la-gaillotiere.fr

-La Cantine o Moines: Here you can sit on a terrace with an enchanting view while you eat traditional and bistronomic dishes. Are you interested? www.lacantineomoines.fr

Clémence: On the banks of the Loire you’ll find this restaurant with good products (all homemade) and well-matched wines. What are you waiting for? www.restaurantclemence.com

-Monte Cristo: Are you looking for Italian cuisine? You’ve found the perfect place to eat a delicious pizza or pasta, all accompanied by an incredible view of the Sèvre! www.montecristovertou.com       https://unsplash.com/fr/photos/SJ7uORconic 

-POLLEN: At the foot of a castle, there’s a restaurant serving tasty, healthy food made with local produce. Aren’t you curious?  www.pollen-clisson.com

-Le Restaurant de la Vallée: An old house offering gourmet cuisine created with local produce. Don’t miss the wine list. www.restaurant-delavallee.com 

-Villa Mon Rêve: Here the chef accompanies you to prove dishes made with great technique and composed by special products. Are you ready? www.villa-mon-reve.com

I hope that with this guide you’ll be able to find the perfect restaurant for you in Nantes. As you’ve read, there are several different choices that can appeal to everyone! If you want more information about Nantes, check this out: https://international-horizons.eu/nantes-une-ville-dynamique/