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28,800: That’s the number of jobs in the digital sector in the Nantes metropolitan area at the end of 2020.

Nantes, the digital city and capital of Loire-Atlantique, 3ᵉ the most attractive and dynamic metropolis in France, has many assets. Every year, new digital profiles are drawn to the Loire metropolis and its stimulating eco-system. As a window to the future of this promising sector, the city of the elephant encourages and boosts those who wish to undertake in this field.

The economy in Nantes

Firstly linked to the Loire and the Atlantic Ocean. Nantes used to be an industrial city… Lefèvre Utile cookies and its famous Choco BN (understand here Biscuits Nantais) which were the snack of all French people at least once in their life! Today, Nantes’ economy is mainly based on the tertiary sector (services). This transition was accelerated in 2000 by the establishment of large Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies such as Capgemini, IBM and the Sigma group.

Some success stories

A start-up founded in 2016, Shopopop is now the leader in Europe in collaborative home delivery thanks to ingenious processes and ideas. The company has built partnerships with major French retailers such as Decathlon and Leclerc or Familia in Italy for example. Shopopop has raised 20 million euros in 2021 to continue its development.

Weenat is a company that produces precision meteorology allowing farmers to anticipate and optimize their resources. This year, the young start-up has raised 1 M to establish itself on the European market!

Digital events in Nantes

In 2009, the Web2day is created. This half-day event dedicated to new technologies gathered about 300 people. 11 years later, this event brought together 10,000 people for a festival focused on the future of ICT and digital technology in an unusual setting where 150 conferences on 8 key themes were held.

Mathew Asgari of Wired Magazine commented “Nantes is a booming tech city, it can create a similar environment to San Francisco a few years ago!”

Every year, the city of the Dukes of Brittany hosts a number of innovative events that move the lines and inspire many entrepreneurs and employees.

Digital innovation in Nantes

The metropolis promotes and encourages initiatives in the digital field. But not only!
The Nantes City Lab is one of the first to be created in France. French Tech is the brand name of the start-up ecosystem in Nantes. French Tech Nantes has established itself as one of the main French Tech clusters in the world. The French ecosystem is more diversified and more open to cooperation than one might think, and it has all the support it needs to develop. Now that they are officially recognized by all levels of government, French Tech communities will likely continue to cultivate entrepreneurship in their regions, support economic development and attract new talent from around the world.

French Tech in Nantes


French Tech Nantes is not an organization, it is the heart of a network. The French Tech network aims to support the development of startups and encourage their progress towards success. It does this by creating a pool of shared skills and knowledge, and a wide range of resources available to all who need them. An extensive infrastructure has been designed specifically for startups, including a private co-working space located on the Nantes Atlantique University campus.

Nantes is in perpetual evolution and reinvents itself every day. The digital adventure is reaching out to you: just one question. What are you waiting for? Contact us right here????

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