Building an ERASMUS project in France is a unique opportunity to offer your students an international experience. A mobility in France combining language stay, professional stay and tourism.

Sending students on an internship in France


Making contact

Contact us: a member of the team will advise you on the construction of your project. Internship in France: International Horizons is here to help. We issue a free, flexible and non-binding quote.

Exchange and listening

We set up a DRIVE for the exchange of documents, so that you can follow all the stages of the project, step by step, with complete peace of mind. A Whatsapp group is created so that we can communicate live with the participants, before and during the stay.


Guaranteed availability

A member of the team is entirely dedicated to you, and will be your single point of contact from your departure until your return. All you have to do is leave!

Language stay

International Horizons is one of the specialists in language training in Europe! A language stay in France? Nantes is the ideal city in terms of activity and professional diversity. International Horizons has an efficient and responsive network throughout the region and beyond.

A French immersion

We are based in France in the city of Nantes. Mobility in France is International Horizons’ speciality! Whether it’s an individual or group internship, International Horizons is building the perfect project for schools, colleges and universities that want to offer their students an experience in France!

An internship abroad

An internship abroad is not easy: not only must the student or pupil who goes abroad be satisfied, but also the teaching staff, who have a set of specifications to meet in order to validate the diploma and comply with the requirements of the framework imposed by the reference system. And it should not be forgotten that trainees join companies and associations, which also have to be satisfied.



Nantes is one of the largest urban areas in France: almost 500,000 people live in the city. Very touristic, it is also recognised as one of the nerve centres of the French digital economy. We offer internships for all types of training: we find ways to increase the skills of your students!

Nantes is also a pleasant place: 40 minutes by bus from the beach, 2 hours by train from Paris, and in the heart of the Loire castles! Nantes is ideal for giving your students a 100% French experience and helping them discover the country.