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ERASMUS + is certainly the best known programme carried out by the European Union, and the only one on which the Member States have a real consensus. However, ERASMUS + is too often associated with student mobility and academic semesters, whereas it offers much broader opportunities for a variety of audiences: companies, youth groups, teachers, institutions, associations. In other words, ERASMUS + offers mobility, but also the exchange of skills and the possibility of creating intra- and extra-European partnerships, for all those who have the need. Focus on ERASMUS mobility for companies.

The ERASMUS + programme

You can download the ERASMUS + guide HERE. It is divided into several keys: KA1, KA2, KA3, Jean Monnet. The one dedicated to mobility is the first. There are several ways to access ERASMUS + funding for mobility purposes.

Who can do an ERASMUS + mobility for companies?

The first audience is young entrepreneurs. If you have a business start-up project, or if your business has been legally established for less than 3 years, you are eligible for the scheme. The mobility is between 1 month and 6 months: you are paired with a qualified entrepreneur in the target destination who helps you with your procedures and coaches you in your activity during the mobility period. The aid provided by the European Commission for a French person is 900 euros per month: enough to cover most of the cities in Spain, Portugal, Central and Eastern European countries! To apply, or for further information, please contact HERE.

Apprentices can also do mobility! The duration is often two weeks, up to one month, and allows you, in agreement with the company, to improve your skills abroad. Companies, if you are reluctant, I invite you to click HEREIn this section, Génération ERASMUS explains, with figures, the advantages of letting your apprentice escape for a while on an ERASMUS trip! And, you also have access to the procedure for obtaining scholarships.

Managers, recruiters: you also have access to ERASMUS mobility, as long as it is for teaching purposes: presentation to a class, workshop etc. Why is it useful? It is still at school that the talents of tomorrow are to be found, and it would be a shame to deprive ourselves of them. And, to find out how to benefit from it, it is HERE. [Bas droit de la page].

International Horizons, and ERASMUS +

We are working on European teaching and school mobility, both higher and lower. But not only that! International Horizons strives to work on strategic partnerships in the field of youth and in particular on two audiences: disadvantaged youth and student entrepreneurs. To discover the current projects, I invite you to click HERE,HEREetHERE.

European mobility is for everyone: let’s take the opportunity to meet!

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