What to do in Nantes when it rains during your ERASMUS mobility

Jun 16, 2022 | Life in Nantes, Mobility in France | 0 comments

Nantes is full of activities to do whatever the weather and temperature. And yes, Nantes is a city to visit even when it rains. In this article, discover the best places to visit in Nantes when travelling in France on a rainy day.

The Nantes Art Museum

It is a magnificent museum which, since its recent restoration, is an essential place to visit in Nantes. It has a unique and splendid architecture. The topics of the presentations are varied and very interesting.




Photo of the Nantes art museum to visit during an ERASMUS in France

The Castle of the Dukes of Brittany

It is a castle that is full of history. It traces the history of Nantes to the present day. You can’t visit Nantes without visiting the castle of the Dukes of Brittany. It is a listed building and an integral part of the city. You can enjoy the museum while visiting the castle.



Photo château des ducs de Bretagne Nantes

The Cathedral

It is one of the largest buildings in Nantes. A grandiose cathedral that is truly impressive. The Experience is very impressive inside as the nave is very high. It took about 450 years to build and was subject to several fires. It is a cathedral full of surprises because it contains the tomb of François II of Brittany.




Photo de la cathédrale à visiter pendant un stage à Nantes

The Petit-Port ice rink

This place looks like an ordinary place but it is a very unique place for its authenticity and its crazy activities. The track is at your disposal for a moment of madness and speed. There are regular activities during the day for young and old alike. It is open all year round except in summer.




Nantes ice rink activity course in France

The Pommeraye passage

It is a very nice gallery with many different shops on various things and of high quality. This place is also one of the places to visit to discover Nantes at its best. It is a beautiful spot for beautiful photos.




Photo du passage Pommeraye à Nantes

The Museum of Natural History

It is a beautiful museum with countless things to see.
The museum offers very touching themes such as zoology, botany and earth and universe sciences. The museum has built up an important scientific heritage, placing it among the first in France. Its collections are immense and cover all areas of natural history.




Photo musée d'Histoire Naturelle stage à Nantes

Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery

It is a very beautiful memorial open to all which allows us not to forget slavery and in particular in Nantes. Nantes was one of the largest slave ports in the world. There are many quotes that are very interesting. This is an almost indispensable place if you want to know the history of Nantes and in particular this dark period of our humanity.




Photo of the Museum of the Abolition of Slavery in Nantes along the Loire River.

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