Nantes, a dynamic city

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Nantes, the capital of the Loire Atlantique, was voted the third most dynamic and attractive metropolis in France. The city of Nantes attracts more and more people every year thanks to its many assets.

Culture, an asset for Nantes

Nantes is recognised as a cultural city. Le Voyage à Nantes combining tourism and culture is a route set up through the city thanks to a green line drawn on the ground. By following this line, you will discover the museums, the emblematic Château des ducs de Bretagne as well as the parks and gardens of the city. Some museums are free on the first Sunday of each month from September to June.




Photo of the Nantes art museum to visit during an ERASMUS in France

A green city

Nantes has a pleasant living environment thanks to its many parks and gardens. The city controls noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. She was elected European Green Capital in 2013.”. It’s a great city to live in!



Photo of the city of Nantes in France

Many job opportunities

Nantes is an attractive city for young entrepreneurs, combining digital dynamism with a rich heritage. Employment opportunities generate about 10,000 new jobs per year in the private sector. It offers a diversity of trades and activities ranging from service to industry.




Photo of a job dating for internships in France

Sport, the driving force of Nantes’ population

The Nantes metropolis has a population that loves sport. Nantes is known for its football club, FC Nantes, and its stadium which is part of the heritage. The dynamism of Nantes is reinforced by its professional basketball team, the Hermine Nantes Basket, and its handball team HBC Nantes.




Photo of La Beaujoire, FC Nantes mobility course in France

A city that attracts students

Students are attracted to the city by the presence of multiple training centres and schools. It is attractive for young people to have a variety of activities such as going to the ice rink, meeting new people by sharing a drink in the bars or practising a sport or relaxing in the city’s parks.




Photo of students on mobility in France

Nantes is the ideal city to give your students a linguistic, cultural, fun and professional experience. Contact us and we will provide you with a free quote. International Horizons is the specialist for internships throughout Europe.

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