European mobility in the field of sewing

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European mobility in the field of sewing: your students are in Bac Pro or BTS? Is sewing part of their training? or design? Do you want to organise a European mobility for your students? Doing an internship in fashion or a sewing internship abroad is possible with a little organisation and the help of International Horizons.

The advantage of European mobility

Firstly, it is a strategic advantage: students will be able to add this experience to their CV. Observing, understanding and discovering new techniques of the profession in another country will be very enriching, and will allow them to return to France with new know-how. On the other hand, the advantage is clearly human: discovering a new culture, a new language, new customs and habits: daily life will inevitably be different from what the student knows. Finally, and as a result of the last one, the student comes out of the experience with a new language: depending on the country of mobility, the student will be immersed in a new language: English, Spanish, Italian, what could be better than a cultural stay abroad to improve the language? Translated with (free version)

European mobility in sewing

Some countries in Europe are more likely to enhance the skills of your students. France is obviously one of the driving countries, but there is also Italy (an internship in sewing in Milan: an accessible experience, even if you don’t speak Italian), but also Spain, the UK and the Netherlands. The choice of destination will be determined mainly by the budget (will the Erasmus grant cover all costs?). That’s why we suggest you talk to a member of the team (to contact us, please click here).

Internship abroad or cultural stay?

European mobility can take many forms: an internship abroad, a cultural stay with visits, both at the same time? At International Horizons, this is possible. By working on the project with you in a tailor-made way, we can build for example 3 weeks of internship abroad in the sewing industry, and 1 week of cultural discovery (or company visit).

To start building your European project, just contact us and tell us about your project. A member of the team will call you back to develop the best project together.

Let’s go !

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