Cities to visit during your ERASMUS in Nantes

Jun 10, 2022 | Life in Nantes, Mobility in France | 0 comments

Discover in this article the cities to visit around Nantes during your ERASMUS stay. Yes, an internship in France is also tourism. International Horizons has selected the top cities to visit in the area during a mobility in France in Nantes.

Clisson, 15min ????

World-famous for the Hellfest festival it hosts every year, Clisson can be reached in 15 minutes by direct train, so take advantage of your mobility in France to go there. It is an ancient medieval city in the Italian style. Its castle is one of the greatest heritages of the department. Having a calm and flat river, it is also an opportunity to make wonderful canoe trips while remaining in a peaceful and touristy setting. The Garenne-Lemot estate, in addition to having a breathtaking view, frequently hosts exhibitions and shows.




Photo of a French village like Clisson

Angers, 45min ????

Very close to Nantes, Angers offers a dynamic environment full of activities for young people. Indeed, Angers is a city of students with 48% of its population under the age of 30. Slightly similar to Vannes, Angers is a former dynasty capital in the Middle Ages. Its old town speaks for itself with half-timbered houses such as the Maison d’Adam. Apart from tourism, there are some great activities to do with young people, such as life-size escapes to visit the city.




Photo of the city of Angers ERASMUS Nantes

La Baule-Escoublac, 1h ????

La Baule-Escoublac is a small town on the Atlantic coast. Its Benoit beach is the largest in Europe with 8km of continuous sand. For this reason, the beach is accessible from several small towns, but La Baule offers the most activities and accessibility. The walk along the embankment is exceptional, whether by bike or on foot. If you walk along Avenue De Gaule, one of the city’s main shopping streets, you will find many chic shops and restaurants. And to refresh yourself there is nothing better than a good ice cream by the beach, or a waffle for those who are cold.



Photo of the city of La Baule ERASMUS in France

Pornic, 1h ????

Pornic is a small town with a festive, oceanic soundtrack. The sound of the waves and seagulls reigns supreme, which is why Pornic is the ideal place to soak up the sun and cool off at the same time. A walk on the beach or around the harbour is sure to relax you.




Photo of the town of Pornic ERASMUS in France

Rennes, 1h15????

The Breton capital is an ancient medieval city that still bears the vestiges of its past. The cuisine is special as it is mainly Breton specialities (galettes saucisses, crêpes, pâté, Cocquilles Saint Jacques etc…). Rennes is a very dynamic medium-sized city in terms of population, activities and transport. The walks in the flowered parks directly from the medieval city centre are incredible, such as the famous Thabor park classified as a “prestige garden” and nicknamed “the prince of gardens”.




Photo of the city of Rennes ERASMUS in France

Vannes, 1h30 ????

For only an hour and a half drive, the city of Vannes offers a different setting from Nantes but just as atypical. This small Breton town stands out for its medieval centre. The imposing walls and timber-framed houses such as the Place Saint Pierre bear witness to this mythical period. But that’s not all, apart from its rich medieval history, Vannes is a cute and lively city. Son célèbre marché au poisson est incontournable tout comme son port. In addition, there are many beaches and bathing places around Vannes that are within walking distance, such as Conleau.



Photo of medieval houses in Vannes

La Rochelle, 1h45 ????

With a beach and harbour right in the centre of town, La Rochelle is a city to visit during your ERASMUS in France. The climate is pleasant for enjoying both the authentic city centre and the sea. Its aquarium is also very well known for its diversity, its pleasant course and its affordable price.



Photo of La Rochelle for ERASMUS in France

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