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Undertake To Learn, project on the block

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The European Union’s recent ambition is to link the worlds of education and enterprise to promote the integration of young people into employment, and that training is more adapted to the need for skills, and therefore, in fact , to the labor market. During a trip to Macedonia, we met Alexander Stamboliev, director of Saint Cyril University and Methodius. From one thread to another, the project born: Undertake to learn!

Undertake to learn: what is it?

Alexander, as director of Saint Cyril and Methodius University in North Macedonia, set up a startup incubator within the university. The problem is that the concept is very recent in the Balkans, and that the country is experiencing a real brain drain due to a low standard of living. Moreover, the management has a strong desire to integrate entrepreneurship as a cross-cutting element of its training, to enable students to build practical skills quickly.

Also, after a few exchanges of mails, then around a local beer ‘skopsko’ the idea was born: a strategic partnership over three years, including Greece, France and North Macedonia. We want French, German companies (German-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki) to submit problems to groups of French-Macedonian students. These same fifty students would work in small groups to solve these problems. Each semester, a problem: innovation, import / export, engineering, marketing / communication.

The semester would be sanctioned at the beginning of a mobility so that students and companies meet: and let’s go for 6 months! They will work online on a fully dedicated platform.

What are we waiting for ?

This ambitious project would involve public entities, private companies, education between Montlucon, Paris, Lorient, Skopje, Orhid, Thessaloniki, Athens: they miss us the last commitments, deposit expected in October! This blog will be updated with each significant advance and posted on our social networks: LinkedIn and Facebook. So, do not miss out on this strategic partnership!

—– Episode 2, to follow early July! —-

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