Linguistic and cultural stay in France

The cultural and linguistic stay: what are the benefits ?

Are you over 15 ? Are you looking to improve your French in a different context and discover new cultures ? A language and cultural stay in France is for you!
Whether it’s as part of an intensive language course (20 hours per week) or by investing in an association through an internship, or by combining both for a complete experience, a total immersion in France is the way to progress!


Good !
You get in touch with us, we discuss about your project and see together what suits you best.
Whether you wish to progress in French with language courses, or within the framework of an internship in an organisation or even both at the same time, the International Horizons team designs with you your project in order to perfectly fit to your expectations and needs.


For your stay, we propose 3 simple offers:
Language course (20H/ week)
Internship in an associative structure
Both at the same time (Courses and Internship)

Language Stay in France

Go on a linguistic and cultural stay in France

French is a must for your professional development and sometimes you can feel frustrated when you can’t find your words or have an appropriate idiomatic expression. You may also want to improve your knowledge and work on your accent, but the learning process at your school is not always the ideal setting.

That’s where linguistic and cultural stay comes in ! A different and less formal way to learn in total immersion in France ! As you can’t manage otherwise than in French, you gain in autonomy and self-confidence. Wherever in Nantes or Lorient, the programs that we build together are always adapted to your needs, based on your language level. This way, you live a unique experience that allows you to progress.

You may also wish to take advantage of a linguistic and cultural stay abroad to do an internship in an organisation ! This is the opportunity to practice the lessons studied, to have direct contact with friendly locals and to earn professional experience !

Of course if you wish to do a bit of tourism, you can ! We can set up trip with you around Bordeaux, Paris or going to discover the Mont Saint Michel. Even have a rest week-end in La Baule and see our beaches.

Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss about your project 😉

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