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#Press from our partner, PAPCorp !

STET is an ERASMUS + European Program, funded by the European Union to create an online academic program on Slow Tourism. This title is characterized by the approach to a new form of Tourism with conscience and responsibility that is addressed to local communities seeking applications for genuine tourist experiences:

“Slow Tourism is an innovative form of tourism which is conscious, responsible and is looking for authentic experiences in close relationship with the local community.”

This project has been built by PapCorp (GR), AFORMAC (FR), University of Baleares (ES) and Univesity of Madeira (PT).

Why slow tourism?

The massive expansion of tourism that took place in the past, in most cases without any realistic goals, without respecting environmental values, without a deep study of the history, culture and the moral code of the area, has created a major problem in many popular European destinations. Traveling tour operators lead tourists from one place to another with generous and similar promises without counting the diversity of each country and region.

We see the STET program as an attempt to present & offer authentic, genuine hospitality to our guests. To highlight our cultural treasures and our respect for the aesthetics of nature that surrounds us. We want to create a strong bond with the local producers of each country so that we can offer original recipes – and not only: the art, music and craftsmanship of every place must be known!

In other words, our desire is to keep our past and present and to make the identity of each country accessible and attractive to tourists, our guests.

P.A.P Corp. will try to unite all existing initiatives and combine them into the STET program. The program will work in every European country as an easy model creation of a national tourist profile, a tool that will help the industry to reshape its characteristics, with a view to establishing a dynamic presentation of the resources of the modern, cultured tourist.

In the STET program, Greece is represented by P.A.P Corp., which is responsible for the creation of the relevant network. The company operates the seminar center Hotelia, which conducts training seminars for adults who believe in lifelong learning and care for tourism and for the business of tourism & hospitality, who want to be informed about news and global trends in the industry.

What inspired us to get involved with the STET program?

In P.A.P Corp., for 50 years, we are constantly looking for new perspectives on the already well-known tourism features. This particular program, with proper study and proper execution, we believe will pave the way to the new era for Greek & European tourism.

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