International Horizons fait sa 2ème rentrée scolaire

International Horizons Back to School

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For International Horizons also it’s back to school! With this year again, news, challenges and good news for the future of young Europeans is even brighter: we explain everything through these few lines. Back To School, episode 2: what’s new!

European mobility

This year, a brand new website dedicated exclusively to schools and teachers! The .eu, it is for you. And, we continue to open new destinations, to allow your students, students and young people to flourish through cultural and professional stays in Europe: Macedonia, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Ireland, Spain.

In all these destinations, the programs are tailor-made to be perfectly adapted to the needs of your learners, and of the establishment: sports activities, internships abroad, workshop with a company, cultural visits, meetings with students, entrepreneurs, anything is possible.

European projects

After Hyphen Towards Future that we pass in private financing (Click here for the detail), we carry this year two new projects: Undertake To Learn will be deposited as of October at the National Youth Agency, the goal is to associate students, teachers and companies. Undertake to learn! Then, in April, size project: ATANASOV. Create a statute student entrepreneur common to all European students!

International Horizons also participates in several ERASMUS projects in KA101 and KA102 for European mobility, but also two other projects in strategic partnership: sport for youth in Poland, and interculturality in education in Lithuania and Bulgaria.

We meet you!

This year again, the team’s French tour to meet our partners, and establishments wishing to build mobility projects. Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Paris, Lorient, Nantes, Rennes, La Rochelle, Bordeaux … soon at home? Contact us for more info!

So to follow all our news, and miss nothing, we invite you to follow our Facebook page HERE! And for a free quote for a cultural stay, or simply to exchange, the contact page —> HERE.

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