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Hyphen Towards Future – Let’s go !

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Hyphen Toward Future ! The idea of this project is born of AFEV association, more exactly with  the PEV of Morbihan where Sebastien have been volunteer. The aim : lead a young people throught a mentoring in order to help for social insertion during one year.

The report

It’s important to notice that on Europe, the budgets which agreed for youth disavantaged insertion are more and more importants. Nevertheless, the number of disadvantaged young increase each years; therefore this is not a financial problem-, but a funds management problem. The Bratislava chart, which hasn’t moved since 2004, is the one who govern the youth accompaniment on Europeen Union.

The project

The project has for goal to establish a transnational mentoring over a year, between young and mentor from youth sector, all of this, ending by mobility. Following this experimentation, deliver a white book for europeen deputy and do lobbying in order to the question of the youth accompaniment come back in the front of the stage. The aim : have clear instructions, a better budget management, insert personalized support, and finally the efficiency at the youth services ! The fundamental :insert a autonomy degree from the youth accompaniment on Europe, based on social and financial insecurity of young accompanied.

What about us ?

Hyphen Toward Future have been valid by Eramus + agency, with our Latvian, cypriot and slovenian partners. However, we finally have decided to put it aside. We are legally too young (not for much longer!) and for the Brittain region – A special thanks to Gaël Le Saout and Elsa Le Pallec – has bonded the project on august 2017, but the agency didn’t always settled legal issues with region on november. So we decided to agree with the project and moreover do not spend everything of the funds, for at the end a delayed project.

But : we can’t let it down ! Hypehn Toward Future, we’ll be back soon, with others fundings : we actually are in contact with a parisian think thank about Europe, who has interest for the project.  With the elcetion of MEPs (europeen deputize) who coming, the europeen question become fashionable : let’s enjoy !

This blog will be udapte, then published for each great step.

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