Cultural stay and internship in France, Rennes

Cultural stay and internship in France, Rennes

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Cultural stay and internship in France, Rennes: we could talk about this city for hours ! Marie our CEO lived here for 3 years during her studies. Rennes, we know : let us guide you !

1. Rennes, how it is ?

Rennes is the capital of Brittany! this city is particularly known for its many associations and its involvement in participatory democracy. It is the entry point Breton, the lighthouse that monitors Paris. In addition, Rennes is now 1H22 by train from the French capital, which makes it even closer than some of the Parisian suburbs.

2. Rennes, the intercultural slap ?

Yes ! Rennes is known and recognized for having a well-anchored Breton climate, and very clean: year-round students punctuate the life of the city! It is a young, dynamic city which is celebrated for a long time at the sound of fest noz and a very strong Breton culture. It also hosts the Parliament of Brittany.

3. Rennes, is it expensive ?

Rennes is not yet an expensive city, but the prices rise since its proximity with Paris thanks to the trains. The city welcomes more and more Parisians who want to settle here to work in Paris. However, fares are still very attractive, especially for the cultural offerings that the city has.

4. What kind of intership my students can do in Rennes ?

If you want to do an internship in an association, a foundation or many words ending with -ion: you are in the right place!

5. Is the nightlife in Rennes suitable for my high school students??

Rennes is a dynamic city: impossible to be bored! And, moreover: young. The streets are secure and the city rarely deplores incidents: the Breton climate softens the mores.

6. Do we eat good in Rennes ?

Very good ! Rennes is a little at the forefront of cheap and vegan cuisine: there are many good places to enjoy vegetarian dishes, or excellent Breton specialties.

7. Why a cultural stay and internship in France, Rennes ?

Go, top 5 good reasons to make a cultural stay and / or an internship in Renes rather than in another city of France!
– It’s the capital of Brittany!
– It’s close to Paris, Nantes: ideal for a break at the weekend
– Rennes is a very pretty city
– The city is very dynamic and has an important associative fabric
– To meet young people: it’s one of the coolest cities!

8. Do the locals speak english ?

Yes for the younger (let’s say under 30yo) ! And half half for people over 30; but the locals do a lot of work to integrate people, and always find a way to communicate, with or without English!

9. What problems could I meet in Rennes ?

The only problem in Rennes, would be that your students do not want to leave!

10. With the ERASMUS + scholarships, how much does the student stay cost? ?

Depending on the duration of the European mobility, the students once the ERASMUS scholarships obtained, will have to add 300 € to 450 € to fully live their experience! The cultural and linguistic stay in Rennes is affordable. Contact us for an exact quote and funding by clicking here!

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