Cultural stay and internship in France, Nantes

Cultural stay and internship in France, Nantes

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Cultural stay and internship in France,Nantes : this city is the one that opens the doors of Brittany from the south, at the crossroads of Paris and Bordeaux! And this is where our offices are: we can easily tell you about Nantes, its culture and its evergure!

1. Nantes, how it is ?

Nantes is one of the largest cities in France! It is fortunate to preserve an exceptional architectural heritage, Nantes is a beautiful city that combines both Breton tradition and Parisian influence. And good news, besides its daily events, its festivals, its involvement in digital France or its many incubators, Nantes is also and especially the city at the crossroads: you can do 2H trains and be in Paris, or La Rochelle, Lorient, or a little more and you are already in Bordeaux!

2. Nantes, the intercultural slap ?

Discover Nantes is to discover dynamic France, that of digital and young executives! The city has enjoyed an excellent reputation in recent years, and rents rise to the rhythm of the inhabitants who invest the city to be. Nantes is exceptionally rich in culture.

3.Nantes, is it expensive ?

Yes and no ! Answer that does not help you .. say that rents are expensive, and begins to align with those of Bordeaux or Lyon. Access to culture and sport, however, is relatively affordable, as well as places to go out. The places of night life are on the other hand a little expensive, but, the evenings Nantes are worth to be lived!

4. What kind of intership my students can do in Nantes ?

Everything is possible in Nantes! We especially recommend the city for students in commerce, digital, culture, industry, service … but everything is accessible here!

5. Is the nightlife in Nantes suitable for my high school students??

There are several neighborhoods to go out in Nantes: Bouffay, Hangar Banane, Commerce. We strongly advise against frequenting the Commerce district once 22H has passed. Bouffay is very secure, the Hangar Banana too: it is necessary however to avoid to return alone, since the place is attended by very young drunk!

6. Do we eat good in Nantes ?

You will get all what you need in Nantes, even if you want stay home : you can be delivered !

7. Why a cultural stay and internship in France, Nantes ?

Go, top 5 good reasons to make a cultural stay and / or an internship in Nantes rather than in another city of France!
– Nantes is full of opportunity for those who want to undertake
– Nantes is at the crossroads of Paris and Bordeaux, ideal for visiting part of France during your stay
– It’s a very beautiful city, and enjoys an excellent reputation
– She has very efficient public transport
– You can discover the Breton culture in passing: the debate is still alive to have if Nantes and Brittany, or not!

8. Do the locals speak english ?

Yes for the younger (let’s say under 30yo) ! And half half for people over 30; but the locals do a lot of work to integrate people, and always find a way to communicate, with or without English!

9. What problems could I meet in Nantes ?

Like all big cities, you have to be careful when you go out and not to abuse the nightlife: being reasonable, there will be no worries!

10. With the ERASMUS + scholarships, how much does the student stay cost? ?

Depending on the duration of the European mobility, the students once the ERASMUS scholarships obtained, will have to add 300 € to 400 € to fully live their experience! The cultural and linguistic stay in France is really very affordable. Contact us for an exact quote and funding by clicking here!

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