Cultural stay and internship in France, Lyon

Cultural stay and internship in France, Lyon

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Cultural stay and internship in France, Lyon: we could talk about this city for hours ! Sebastien, our CEO lived here for 2 years for his first job as ERASMUS + coordinator. Lyon, we know : let us guide you through this city !

1. Lyon, how it is ?

Lyon is a very beautiful city; it is often said of her that it is an open door to Italy! The city still has Italian accents. She knew a very strong immigration of the pay in the years 50 and 60. Lyon is also the capital of the French kitchen and one of the biggest cities of France.

2. Lyon, the intercultural slap ?

For our Italian friends, you would be surprised to find some Italian customs! For other friends from Europe and around the world: welcome to a city that mixes a mountain and southern culture, where French cuisine meets the excellent wines of the Côtes du Rhônes and where the two rivers that cross the city from side to side, bring a wind of freshness.

3. Lyon, is it expensive ?

Lyon is a very expensive city, like Paris or Bordeaux. The prices are justified by a very good quality of life, a TGV that connects Paris in two hours, but also the many infrastructures that make the city of Lyon extremely dynamic. Before Nantes became the hospice of dynamism, Lyon has long been highlighted for the attractiveness of its territory. And it continues !

4. What kind of intership my students can do in Lyon ?

Lyon is one of the largest cities in France, your students and high school students can flourish in any area of training! We advise it especially for students in art, commerce, theater, tourism and engineering!

5. Is the nightlife in Lyon suitable for my high school students??

It’s not the most fun city for its nightlife. In summer it is very pleasant to enjoy the evenings on the wharf of Saone or Rhônes but, the city of Lyon is very spread out, and it is often necessary to take public transport to enjoy its nightlife.

6. Do we eat good in Lyon?

Like Bordeaux, the city of Lyon attracts many chefs on its territory and has a wide variety of culinary specialties.

7. Why a cultural stay and internship in France, Lyon ?

Go, top 5 good reasons to make a cultural stay and / or an internship in Lyon rather than in another city of France!
– To discover a great French city where life is good
– For its hills, like Porto or Lisbon!
– To discover the mix of Italian and French culture, through its exceptionally delicious cuisine
– To enjoy warm evenings by the river
– And why not go for a ride in Italy?

8. Do the locals speak english ?

Yes for the younger (let’s say under 30yo) ! And half half for people over 30; but the locals do a lot of work to integrate people, and always find a way to communicate, with or without English! You will find many people speaking italian !

9. What problems could I meet in Lyon ?

During the day Lyon is very safe, in the evening it is necessary to avoid going out alone in the middle of the night: and above all, do not consume alcohol with overflow!

10. With the ERASMUS + scholarships, how much does the student stay cost? ?

Depending on the duration of the European mobility, the students once the ERASMUS scholarships obtained, will have to add 500 € to 700 € to fully live their experience! The cultural and linguistic stay in Lyon is affordable but should be prepared in adavance to get enough money to enjoy the whole city. Contact us for an exact quote and funding by clicking here!

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