Cultural stay and internship in France, Lorient

Cultural stay and internship in France, Lorient

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Cultural stay and internship in France, Lorient : we could talk about this city for hours ! Sebastien, our CEO lived here for years. Lorient, we know, let us make you dicover South Brittany through this article.

1. Lorient, how it is ?

Lorient is a medium-sized town, known for having 5 ports including one in the city center, surfing beaches in the agglomeration and above all, an important nautical industry. Lorient is a city where life is good, rocked by the Celtic culture: it has every month of August one of the biggest festivals in the world! 800,000 people come every year, a dozen days partying to the sound of bagpipes, Celtic rap and other sound Acadian, Spanish or Australian.

2. Lorient, the intercultural slap ?

Yes ! Lorient already has the distinction of having the most bar per inhabitant in France! Lorient is a warm city where people love to go out, meet and live. Lorient culture means that after work is numerous, that people mix without distinctions of social classes. To discover France, from its welcoming angle, this is one of the best opportunities! And, besides, since Lorient, you have an airport, the TVG which joins Paris, Nantes, Rennes, Brest!

3. Lorient, is it expensive ?

No ! Even if real estate prices rise with the proximity of the Atlantic, and the junction of Paris and Lorient in less than three hours, the city of Lorient very affordable. To give you an example, a beer on Paris will be around 5 euros minimum, and only 2 € 50 in Lorient!

4. What kind of intership my students can do in Lorient ?

On Lorient, everything is possible! This is of course the ideal city for students in mechanics, or even boating. But also in architecture, culture, project management, tourism, foreign languages, art … in Lorient, your students can address all possible themes.

5. Is the nightlife in Lorient suitable for my high school students??

Yes ! The city of Lorient offers parties on a wide variety of themes, and most of the places to go out are in the city center or accessible by night public transport. There are even establishments that offer shuttles for latecomers! Lorient is a secure city, where it is really good to live.

6. Do we eat good in Lorient ?

The cuisine offered is very varied in Lorient! There are of course traditional pancakes, trays of seafood, from cooking to fish. But, you can eat everything in Lorient, even vegetarian or vegan!

7. Why a cultural stay and internship in France, Lorient?

Go, top 5 good reasons to make a cultural stay and / or an internship in Lorient rather than in another city of France!
– Lorient has a very close history with the Second World War, and it’s a good opportunity to introduce this period to your students.
– This is the first European city where exotic animals arrived: Lorient is full of anecdotes.
– Living together is rooted in the local culture.
– Your students will learn a lot about the marine city, boating and surf culture!
– Lorient and its agglomeration have an important natural heritage

8. Do the locals speak english ?

Yes for the younger (let’s say under 30yo) ! And half half for people over 30; but the locals do a lot of work to integrate people, and always find a way to communicate, with or without English!

9. What problems could I meet in Lorient ?

As in all coastal cities, in France, or not, it is recommended to pay attention while going to bathe: even if the beaches are watched, it is necessary to avoid to move away from the beaches to swim too far. But other than that, the only problem is that your students will not want to leave Lorient!

10. With the ERASMUS + scholarships, how much does the student stay cost? ?

Depending on the duration of the European mobility, the students once the ERASMUS scholarships obtained, will have to add 200 € to 300 € to fully live their experience! The cultural and linguistic stay in France is really very affordable. Contact us for an exact quote and funding by clicking here!

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