Cultural stay and internship in France, La Rochelle

Cultural stay and internship in France, La Rochelle

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Cultural stay and internship in France, La Rochelle: we could talk about this city for hours ! La Rochelle is one of the toursit destination on the west french coast. La Rochelle , we know : let us guide you.

1. La Rochelle, how it is ?

Commonly called the city with three ports, La Rochelle is a city of average size, with an old town center very pleasant to go. The city has developed a student life and attracts more and more people each year. It is good to live, with its marvelous harbor and beach in the heart of the city.

2. La Rochelle, the intercultural slap ?

La Rochelle reserves many surprises to those who come to visit: a culture of chill, good life, with its many markets, its bars on the old ports and its beautiful places regularly sunny. Discover La Rochelle is to be rocked between Breton culture and Basque culture, a delicious mix.

3. La Rochelle, is it expensive ?

Despite its many benefits, the city of La Rochelle remains relatively unaffected by the rise in property prices. For an average French city, it is a little above the average prices practiced in the territory: access to culture and restaurants remain affordable.

4. What kind of intership my students can do in La Rochelle ?

Most of the students will get an internship in this city : La Rochelle offers many opportunities.

5. Is the nightlife in La Rochelle suitable for my high school students??

Even if the city is very student, the city is relatively calm: the right balance to associate young populations and older. The cities are safe and do not ever talk about her for delinquency.

6. Do we eat good in La Rochelle ?

Like most coastal towns, La Rochelle has many specialties influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. But, you can eat everything: the city has a rich offer in catering!

7. Why a cultural stay and internship in France, La Rochelle ?

Go, top 5 good reasons to make a cultural stay and / or an internship in La Rochelle rather than in another city of France!
– Go to the beach on foot in the city center
– Discover an atypical city
– Browse the old city center a thousand times to discover all these subtleties
– Being in a marine ambin
– Enjoy the long sunny days on the terrace

8. Do the locals speak english ?

Yes for the younger (let’s say under 30yo) ! And half half for people over 30; but the locals do a lot of work to integrate people, and always find a way to communicate, with or without English!

9. What problems could I meet in La Rochelle ?

Few! La Rochelle never makes news for the problems, it is a very discreet city.

10. With the ERASMUS + scholarships, how much does the student stay cost? ?

Depending on the duration of the European mobility, the students once the ERASMUS scholarships obtained, will have to add 300 € to 450 € to fully live their experience! The cultural and linguistic stay in La Rochelle is affordable. Contact us for an exact quote and funding by clicking here!

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